Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Regarding Google Chrome Store Extensions

asinzen is compliant and ahears to the Google Chrome Developer Privacy Policy Terms   and compliant to the following terms:

  • Does not handle any personal or sensitive user data.
  • Does not contain any Ads
  • Does not alter any data on any site visited.
  • Does not store any personal data handled within extensions.


Privacy Policy Regarding Google Account Integrations

API Usage: Google Sheets​

Our Platform enables you to only modify spreadsheets on your Google Drive.  In order to provide you with this service, we obtain a copy the users Google email account when this connection is made using the Google API’s. We will use not use this information in any way other. We do process or investigate any issues regarding your Google Speadsheets and do not have access to any of the Data on your Google Account.


How to Contact US

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, you may contact us directly by email at:

This Privacy Policy was last revised on July 9, 2021.