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Join the asinzen Affiliate program & earn up to 30% commission for every paying customer refer every year they stay a subscriber.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know...

Are you tracking clicks by last or first clicked ?

We use the 1st clicked method.

What affiliate software do you use and is it easy to use ?

We currently use Keap (Infusiosoft)  for affiliate and payment portal and it is very straight forward to use. It integrates seamlessly making sure that when a sale is made you as the affiliate get paid.

Do your tracking links expire ?

No. Once someone clicks your affiliate link they become your referral for LIFE.

Are there any minimums for payments?

No. We payout immediately no matter how many users you have referred us

What commission do you offer ?

Currently, we offer one time 30% commission per sale. So, if a user subscribes to AZInsight Pro plan valued at $149.95 / year you will earn $44.99.

Are there any limitations I should know about?

You may NOT earn affiliate commissions on the following items:

  • Signing up for your own account
  • Sales earned through AsinZen PPC advertising
  • Sales earned from coupon/discount style sites where AsinZen posts

AsinZen reserves the right to make the final decision whether a commission falls into one of these categories. Any affiliates found breaking these terms will be permanently banned and any pending commissions will not be paid out.

Can I earn commission on an existing user?

No, you can earn commissions only on NEW customers. If the user previously signed up for an account with one of AsinZen’s products in the past you are not eligible to earn commission on that lead.

When and how do you payout ?

We pay out between the 1st and the 5th of every month using PayPal.

Do you have any videos or media I can use to promote ?

Yes, once you get access to the affiliate portal you will have access to all our media and a link to our DropBox. We have a large array of videos we are releasing. Contact us for more details

My question is not listed here ?

You can contact directly via our chat widget found here

Do you have a refund policy for customers ?

Yes, we offer a 14 day no questions asked full money back refund for all our digital products.

I don’t have a big audience or a following, can I still promote ?

Yes! Absolutely, we do have a set of terms of service that you need to abide by.

Do you have any discounts for my audience or follower that I can offer ?

Yes, we do but we give them out on a case by case basis. We are very generous with our affiliates but would like to get to know you a little better before we give you coupon codes to distribute to your audience. Please reach out to us and we’ll get you started.

Do you have a demo account I can just use to try out the software without signing up ?

Yes! Please contact us here and we’ll give you access to the demo account.