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Hazmat and Restrictions Checker for Solo Amazon Sellers



Hazmat and Restrictions Checker for Amazon Sellers with a team



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I love this tool! Saves me tons of time and hassle. I also like the fact that it is small so it doesn't take up a lot of screen space. Very useful!


Jeff C.

Holy cow! When .. told me about this tool, I had to try it out. Guess what? I'm not trying it out any longer, I am using it! EVERYDAY, ALL DAY. I recommend it to every Amazon seller.


Bill B.

The tool works just as it claims. Quick,accurate, and simple to understand.


Britni R.

Great tool. This is the first tool that I've seen that shows the Hazmat status this quickly and easily. Works as advertised and it doesn't interfere with any of my other extensions.


Randy R.

Excellent tool, saves so much time and frustration when searching and making buying decisions.


Steve W.

This tool is such a time saver! I was able to eliminate a bunch of other paid tools and use this one tool to meet my sourcing research needs. Customer service is also top notch.The personalized attention made me feel like a valued customer. Highly recommended.


Danielle P.

This tool has really helped us identify hazmat. We are approved for hazmat so AZ doesn't identify which items are hazmat to us any more. AZInsight customer service has been great.


Sue G.

This extension is absolutely fantastic. It replaces all the extensions needed. Saves me so much time that I can't imagine not having it


Ramonita L.

Absolute must have and it keeps getting better!


Ron R.

I'm LOVING this new, improved extension. Between it and Keepa on my page, I don't have to open any other analysis tools for an Amazon listing. And the's covered by being able to let my other extensions go, and I still save about $30 a year.

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Tina Y.

Multiple Marketplaces Supported


US - Fully Supported


Canada - Fully Supported


United Kingdom - Coming Soon

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