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Fully Customizable Profit Calculator

Powerful Variations Viewer

Powerful Stock Checker

Google Sheets, Custom Alerts, View Modes, Custom Data Export Options

Powerful Addons Plugins

FeatureAZInsightRevSellerSee it in action
Live Customer Support 24/7

Brand Detect Assistant for IP, trademark claims

Real-time Product Restriction Messages

Real-time Hazmat Messages

Sales Estimations and Revenue Estimations

SearchView Data on Amazon search pages

Inventory Lab Integration

Create, export & store notes for Amazon products

Sub-account ready

Create custom Export Data Fields for exporting

GoogleSheets Integration

Supports Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Germany

Forecast Buy Cost and Sell Price

Private Label Calculator w/ Oversea shipping estimation

Create Custom alerts for ASINs

Advanced Stock Checker and Variations Viewer with Filters & Graphs

Single & Multi-view & Private label Seller View Modes

Slow Moving Product Detector

Ability to add unlimited Custom Costs


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