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Amazon Product Research Chrome Extension. The most powerful multi-function tool on the market

Multiple bulk ASIN or UPC Amazon Product Research Chrome Extension

AZInsight Feature List

24/7 Email & Chat Support

Seller Restriction Checker

Hazmat Product Detector

Total 3 concurrent user license

Slow Moving ASIN Detector

Integrated AZAlert - Brand IP Notification

Access to Marketplace

InventoryLab App Integration Plugin

AZnotes Plugin - FREE w/PAID

Sales & Revenue Estimation Plugin - FREE

Search View Plugin - FREE

Sub-Account Management System

Profit Calculator for FBA & FBM

Advanced Product Detail Information

Custom Cost Calculator

Small & Light Calculator

Data Export Features



Google Sheets Integration

Extended Historical Sales Data

Advanced Variations Viewer

Advanced Stock Checker

ZenGraph - Historical Data Graph

Bulk Checker PRO Feature List


Insight Data

Rank for Current 30 & 90 Day

Estimated Monthly Revenue & Sales

Top percent of product in category

Amazon Referral Fee & Storage Fee & Fulfillment Fee

Category of Product & current Price

Profit after fees & Inbound Shipping costs

Amazons current Price & Total FBA & FMB new Offers

IP brand claims & Hazmat Status & Seller Restriction Check

Number of Reviews found on listing

Calculated Data

Current Rating of Product & Fulfillment type

Ability to Add custom costs for both FBM and FBA

FBA profit calculated with buy cost

Current calculated Inventory Placement Service Cost

FBM profit calculated with buy cost

FBM Shipping Cost calculated

Export your Results to CSV/XLS format

Other Features

Copy data directly out of the table

Customize Table and Save Settings

Title & ASIN & UPC & Brand & Manufacture

Average Reviews of the values on table

Get Summarized Average Price & Monthly Sales & Rank of All products

24/7 Email and Chat Support