Amazon product research has never been easier!

Within seconds of opening an Amazon page, you’ll know whether the item is considered Hazmat, and whether you have permissions to sell it.

If the item is restricted, one click will allow you to request permission from Amazon to sell it. No more buying mistakes when you use HAZability inside AZInsight .

Work smarter with the builtin Hazmat Checker

Most sellers are surprised to learn which items are Hazmat, or under Amazon’s Hazmat Review. Unless you have permissions you can not send these items into the FBA warehouse. If you are approved, the items must be shipped following strict guidelines and may not be mixed with your other inventory.

Knowing which items are and are not making a bad buying decision, saving you money in the process. AZInsight Lite puts that information at your fingertips.

Save time using the Seller Restriction Checker

Are you able to list the products on Amazon or is your account restricted? A quick glance at AZInsight Lite and you will know for sure. If you are restricted, one click of the icon and you will be transported to the proper screen to request permission.

No more wasting time searching for and navigating through multiple pages on Amazon.

Ready to Start Making Better Buying Decision?



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AZInsight Feature List

✓ Amazon FBA & FBM Profit Calculator
✓ ZenGraph (Keepa Graph Integration) NEW!!
✓ Stock Checker
✓ Variation Viewer
✓ Bulk Checker
✓ Small and Light Calculator
✓ Extended Keepa Sales Data
✓ Data Export Feature
✓ Custom Cost Calculator
✓ Sub-Account Management System
✓ Advanced Product Detail Information
✓ Email and Chat Support
✓ Hazmat Product Detector
✓ Seller Restriction Checker
✓ Brand Detect Assistant
✓ Slow Moving ASIN Detector
✓ 3 concurrent user license (you+2 others)
✓ AsinZen Marketplace
✓ Plugin: Tactical Arbitrage & Inventory Lab Integration
✓ Plugin: Sales Estimation
✓ Plugin: Bulk Checker Pro