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Profit Calculator 

Amazon profit calculator on steroids

Get accurate Amazon Fee breakdown calculations with an incredibly customizable FBA and FBM calculator.

Restriction Checker

Don’t get caught off guard

Built-in Hazmat & Restriction Checker with Brand Notification.

Stock Checker

Know your competitors stock levels 

Why pay extra for a stock checker? AZInsight has it built-in. With real-time stock quantity for all sellers on the listing.

Variations Viewer

Spot profitable variations like a champ

Opens in the same space as the calculator by simply clicking the variations tab. No additional space needed, and no need to open a new window.

Packed with more features like


Access the Calculator, get Rank, Category, Sales and Revenue information on the Amazon Search Pages

InventoryLab App Integration

See if you are restricted to sell a product or a product is hazmat right inside InventoryLab

Sales and Revenue Estimations

Get Sales and Revenue Estimation quickly 


Create notes on the Amazon product pages, in amazon seller central and on the amazon shipping queue page

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