AZInsight has the Most Advanced Profit Calculator on the market!

Embedded right inside the Amazon product page

Get accurate Amazon Fee breakdown calculations with an incredibly customizable FBA FBM calculator.

  • Take the guesswork out of calculating your ROI, Net Profit and Margin
  • Forecast your Buy or Sell price
  • Quickly find opportunities with products that qualify for small and light
  • Identify slowing moving ASIN’s
  • Get a detailed breakdown of your Amazon Fees
  • Avoid buying products you can not list due to gated category
  • Stay clear of ASIN’s amazon considers Hazmat and you do not want to sell

Built-in Hazmat and Restriction Checker with a Brand Detect Assistant

AZInsight has it built in

Get accurate Amazon Fee breakdown calculations with an incredibly customizable FBA FBM calculator.

Why pay extra for a stock checker ?

AZInsight has it built in

Get real-time stock quantity for all sellers on the listing.

  • Find products which have better opportunities to be profitable
  • Identify ASIN’s that are overstocked 
  • Find opportunities that have room for less competition
  • Identify variations quickly that have potential
  • See the overall performance of the product
  • Discover hidden opportunities

Amazon Product Variations Viewer

Opens right inside the Amazon page you are viewing.

Opens in the same space as the calculator by simply clicking the variations tab. No additional space needed, and no need to open a new window.

Bulk Checker

Bulk Checker gives you the power to analyze a list of ASINs with the click of a mouse button.

Opens right inside the Amazon page you are viewing.

  • Save time analyzing a list of ASIN’s verse just one at a time
  • Find out if a list of ASIN’s is considered Hazmat or not and if your eligliable to sell these products

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AZInsight Feature List

✓ Amazon FBA & FBM Profit Calculator
✓ ZenGraph (Keepa Graph Integration) NEW!!
✓ Stock Checker
✓ Variation Viewer
✓ Bulk Checker
✓ Small and Light Calculator
✓ Extended Keepa Sales Data
✓ Data Export Feature
✓ Custom Cost Calculator
✓ Sub-Account Management System
✓ Advanced Product Detail Information
✓ Email and Chat Support
✓ Hazmat Product Detector
✓ Seller Restriction Checker
✓ Brand Detect Assistant
✓ Slow Moving ASIN Detector
✓ 3 concurrent user license (you+2 others)
✓ AsinZen Marketplace
✓ Plugin: Tactical Arbitrage & Inventory Lab Integration
✓ Plugin: Sales Estimation
✓ Plugin: Bulk Checker Pro